Nagano Tectron has been manufacturing input devices, membrane switches, printed resistors and display devices.

With our experience, accumulated knowledge and latest technologies, we have been providing high-performance products to the market with our proud. Our products are highly trusted not only in Japan but also from other countries. We believe that our in-house manufacturing and quality-check system make this possible for years.

Industrial Keyboards

One of our specialized field is manufacturing input devices, especially industrial keyboards (custom-keyboars) for machinary controls and many electronic devices. Our custom-keboards has been using in medical field, train controls, factory line machinaries and variety of cash resistors. Read more

Industrial custom Keyboards

Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are our another specialty. Nowaday, membrane switches are applied in various fields, not ony in home appliance devices, remote controls but also in factory machinary controls and even in variety of vehicles. Read more

Membrane Switches

Printed Resistor PCBs

We have been manufacturing printed resistor PCBs for long time. Customers are mostly from car manufactures, motors and medical electronics. We accept from small lot for fully customized PCBs. Read more

Printed resistor PCBs

Carbon and Silver Conductive Pastes

We manufacture carbon and silver conductive paste products. Carbon conductive products cover resistance range from 40 to 2M ohm (40Ω to 2MΩ). Silver conductive paste is also using in our own PCB manufacturing. Read more

Conductive Carbon and Silver Pastes

Product Categories

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